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December 12, 2018

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'Chummy Memorial Round-the-Island Seagull Race'

The 'Chummy Memorial Round-the-Island Seagull Race' will be taking place on Saturday 25th September
out at Long Island. It'll be a time trial start ... dinghy's get there early!

Entry fee will be $50 per person and that will include a polo shirt and BBQ afterwards.

Fees will be collected on the day at the start - please bring cash, or cheques made payable to 'Brian Anfossi'.
Please e-mail Alex - E-mail or call Brian 534 7269 by next Tuesday
if you are intending to enter so we can get the numbers for the BBQ.

If the weather looks dodgy, a call will be made on the Friday - please call Brian on 534 7269 if you're not sure.

Hope to see y'all there ....